Sunday, May 10, 2015

Its been a while again.

Hi all. Its been a while again.  I havent given up just haven't known what to post really. I have pix of the girls and I have my crafting ideas. I have been in a slump since mom passed away a year ago May 3rd already.  I have been told by my dr that I have to lose about 30 pounds or she is going to have to put me on that third medication I really don't want.

I got a more steady job this week at Walmart here in green bay.  i was told if I can prove myself to the manager that does the scheduling I can get up to 32 hours a week. i am going to learn my job and be there. I am not going to be late unless I absolutely have to be.

Kora is really into her horses and briannas into playing chess. She has played in two tournaments but hasn't done so well. she gives up easily. I love my family but every one is in there own little worlds lately. I was told today that my mother in law and her partner are getting married July 10th. well it came to a he said/she said thing but  there are no he's here to say anything.. LOL..  I just plain assed forgot and its a big deal. I have alot going on here to worry about than whose getting married even if it is a family member sometimes. I am rude and just don't care.

anyway this is what I have been working on and some updated pix of the girls for my friends.
i made these three headbands and removable flowers for a friend of mine.

wrist cuffs. I think they are adorable.

hat with removable flower. The flower is used with an alligator clip on the back.

one of my crochet flowers with an alligator clip on the back. i used my hot glue gun to put the pompom on it.

one of koras drawings. she copied it from on of her coloring books without tracing it.


  1. Glad you're back! Love all the projects :)

  2. Wow, they grow up so fast. And I love your hat and headbands. Good luck at the new job.