Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wow its 2015 Already

Where did 2014 go?  I have no clue myself.  We have had our troubles last year and it may not be as good this year.  I have had the last two weeks off because of the operators at my temp job werent there to work on the jobs I know how to do.  They won't hire me permanently because the boss feels I won't have operator abilities in two years. I see that as a crock of shit.  Just an excuse not to hire me.  but I need the money so I keep going back.

Jeff is working in the field finally but not sure how long its going to last. He talked to one of the big people last night and they said his production is down. Well they know its slow right now and they keep telling him not to worry but now they are saying his production is down.  Go figure.  I hate companies like that.

The girls are growing like weeds. Kora will be 14 January 13 already and Brianna will be 11 in June.  Where has time went for me being a mom?  I am blessed with two amazing daughters though. I love them more than I can imagine. I miss my mom alot these days. My dad has found a lady friend. Not sure how I feel about that one. I have talked to her on the phone and I have her on my Facebook page but its hard to know that he is seeing someone this close after my mom being gone. My mom has been gone since May.

Jeff and I are looking at renewing our wedding vows in June. I didn't get a real wedding the first time. So we are looking at doing it right the second time.  My best friend from high school is going to be my matron of honour and the girls are going to be the brides maids.  Then a friend  of ours is going to be Jeffs best man.

I miss being out in South Dakota. Jeff was working out there last year in March to till late April. Right before my mom got sick. Then we had to make a mad dash home to see her. She was supposed to have come home to the nursing home but complications to the pneumonia she had. She quit taking care of herself after she had her gastric bypass surgery done.

This is my my Miss S and our adopted stray Mendly.  Brianna named her Mendly because it rhymed with friendly and she was always trying to be friendly.  I was looking for other pix but cant find them. I didnt post any photos of our time in South Dakota.  I did on Facebook but not here. I miss all my friends on here and hope to get back to blogging more this year. Happy New Year my friends.


  1. Welcome back Tweety! I hope 2015 is a better year for you.

  2. Hi Tweety! been thinking about you and sending Prayers. losing a parent is hard. and not that it will help but your Dad did what is normal to do Hon, I know a man that had a girl at the 5 month anniversary of his wife's passing... so hard on the sorry. the other side of that coin is that he isn't lonely.... working and living and raising 2 kids is full time work for all involved!! keep at it check in when you can, and know you've made friends here, you just have to be here now and again ! Love to all and find those pictures !!! LOL!

  3. Welcome back! I pray 2015 is a better year for you and the family!