Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where or Where have I been lately.

Where have I been lately. Well busy with work, school, kids and getting ready to move.  We have lost our house finally and we have to move this spring sometime. We tried to save it but it just wasnt in our graces to keep it.  Brianca and Doug are moving  out at the end of February finally. They have an apt set up for when they come back from Texas from visiting with her family. Must be nice to have family who can pay your way to come visit.  But anyway lots of stuff going on. 

Jeff and I are almost done with school. I graduate in September of 2013. And he graduates approximately in December 2013.  We are doing well.I have one A and two B's so far this quarter.  Jeff is straight A's.  I am so proud of him. 

We bought a new car to us. its  a 2005 Ford Taurus.  Our Pontiac was on its last legs and I had to deal with it stalling out on me. 

We have a plan for moving. We are getting a nice return so we are going to buy a mobile home and not have to pay a mortgage. We will have lot rent but that is ok.  Its better than wondering where we are going to live or find a place to live and have to worry about our credit. Most places here look at your credit and accept you or deny you because of your credit. 

I dont know where to go from here. I have alot on my mind but trying to keep my thoughts straight.  Kora turned 12 this month on the 13th.  Where have the last 12 years went.  I took her to Chucky Cheese for her b-day. Jeff wasnt feeling well so I took the girls out.   We had pizza and I had a salad. 

I found out I am a diabetic in the middle of last month. Right before x-mas. It hurt really bad. I didnt get to eat all the chocolate and all the foods I normally like over the holidays. My sugars havent been where they should be either yet. She had me on 500 mg of metformin but when i saw here on Jan 22nd she upped that to 1000 mg twice a day.  and they still arent where they should be. My blood sugars should be between 70-100.  but they have been between 106-150 lately.  

Life and its takes on us.  X-mas was ok this year. We didnt get to spend alot of money on everyone. I made my mother in law a pillow with a latch hook rug on the top. I never got a good photo of that with  my camera before giving it to her.  but it turned out really nice.  The girls got some nice stuff this year. I got some fuzzy socks, and jammie pants. Jeff got a new tie, and two new pairs of sweats and MP3 player from Brianca and Doug.  I have alot more photo's but not now. I have some awsome shots from our hotel window when we went to Neenah WI about two weeks ago to a chess tournament. We havent been a mini vacation in ages.


  1. Sorry about the house, I hope the new place works out. Congrats on school.

    I'm sorry about the diabetic hope the sugars get in order soon.

  2. Sounds like there's a lot going on for you. I would focus on the positives, you're both doing well in school, you will have money to get a trailer, and your kids are healthy. Keep working on getting your sugar under control.

  3. I knew another blogger who moved into a mobile home and she loved it. It will be a nice feeling to have something you own.

    There are lots and negatives and positives in this post, so I hope this year sees more positives for all of you!

  4. You have a huge amount going on in your life....But it sounds like a lot of it is good. Moving to a Mobile Home may be really wonderful! I have a friend who lives in one and she loves it! Congrats on you both doing so swell in school. I hope2013 will be a very GOOD year for you all!