Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lots going On.

Hey all. How are you. Life has been keeping me away again. I just havent found time lately to do anything fun. I am having a hard time finding time to crochet and have some me time.  But just wanted to drop a few lines and let you all know I am still around and here. I havent left you for Facebook.. LOL..

Brianca and Doug are moving out on Wednesday finally. She is five months pregnant and they wanted to be settled in and get the crib and such set up and just be ready for when the little guy gets here. So they have been busy packing and moving stuff into the garage to move into the Uhaul on Wednesday.

Jeff and I have been struggling with school but doing ok. I am trying to keep my A in comp this quarter but not sure if that will happen.  I am getting a B in my other two classes so far but again not sure if that will stay that way. I graduate in September and we are having a party.  Then Jeff graduates in December so we are having his pregraduation party in September when we have my party. Then we dont have to have two parties. He will be in his last quarter and figured if he doesnt graduate something is terribly wrong.

We bought a new car finally.  Well its a 2005 Ford Taurus. We have had it for about a month now. We had to put a little work into it but its ok. Pomp's had to clean out the rotors and put in a new mount for the engine block.  But they only charged us for the parts since Jeff still works for Pomp's.

I found a job in my field but hopefully this email goes through I just end or I am going to have to call the lady tomorrow.  I hate sounding like a fool but I could have wrote her name down wrong when she gave it to me. It happens.  Its in the IT field but its in doing Data Bases for a place called Neenah Paper Inc here in Wisconsin.  We have finals this coming week.  I cant believe I have 6 months left of school.

Where has time went.  Life has flown away with all my free time.  Anyway I just wanted to say hi and see how everyone is doing.  I need to get to bed here shortly. I am still working at the Assisted Living place. I told kora the other day, "How can i have a job I love but death is at my back door everyday.

i made this with cotton yarn and edged it with white red heart yarn. its really frilly.

these turned out really cute. i ended up getting on placemat on row  to short but the all match otherwise.

my new toy.  isnt she pretty.  

this will be Rainbo.  I love the color I used for her. Its from the  yarn I had left from  my MILS  xmas present.  she is so cute. She is an octopus and needs a new home.  


  1. Congrats on school, the car, the job. Here's hoping all your hard work finallyays off.

  2. Congrats on school, the car and the job! Sounds like its very busy time.

    Hope all is going well.

  3. Wow, been lots going on your way! Congratulations on school,car, and hope the new job is going well! Hope all is well your way with family and all!
    Have a wonderful day!