Monday, April 9, 2012

Not so sure I like this Google Chrome

Hiya there. I upgraded to google chrome today and I am not so sure I like it yet.  Our holiday went nice. Saturday after school we went to our local zoo.  And I have some awsome photo's to share with you all.  Jeff got one of me petting a billy goat. Its so cute and then one of me feeding the same one. Of course we got pix of the girls. The top pix is of Jeff and I all dressed up for our Career Fair for school the following day. We were showing off. I didn't bother putting my nylons on for this little photo shoot or my shoes. I wore a darker colored pair of nylons and white dress shoes to accent my shirt and off set the black skirt. I was told by everyone how nice I looked. there were lots of Turtles out Saturday too. 

Also Jeff and I have been invited by the school to join there National Technical Honor Society. Its due to being in school every week and having good grades.  I am struggling with College Math 1 and have to take the second one next quarter. 

The second set of photo's was taken a few days before I quit my job before we left the house.  It was just pink outside and beautiful morning.  I love how the clouds look pink and some lightly white in there too. 



  1. That second shot of the pink sky and black trees is gorgeous! I also like the turtles all lined up. Congrats on being invited to join the honor society. Hard work pays off.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time. Love that Billy Goat...! He is really cute. Lovely "sky" picture!

  3. You'll get use to Chrome and love it :)

    The zoo looks like fun! You both look great in the photo shoot.

  4. Love the photos! Love the colour of your blog!

  5. FUn at the zoo looks like a scrapbook page !! hoping you are able to follow your bliss and work something you love. Prayers.