Thursday, April 5, 2012

I walked off the job today...

Hi peeps. I got sick of being talked down to at work today. I have complained several times about the job. Liking  but sick and tired of the bosses shit. Well today she told me to my face I wasnt good enough and she wished she had one of her other better people over in the testing lab. Well I went down stairs to go to the bathroom and call Jeff. I asked him how mad he would be at me if I walked out. I explained to him what she was saying and he told me if I could get out go. 

I walked into the break room with out saying anything to her about me leaving, grabbed my lunch box and left.  I am sick of her shit and dont need it. I have other things coming up in my life right now that I dont need her shit. I have several job possibilities. I have one as a student worker for the Head IT (Networking) person at the college or one through a temp agency but a technical proffessional one.. They hire IT's. (Information Technology). That is what I am going to school for.

School is harder this quarter but was expecting that. Life is still stressful. but its life right? LOL..  Anway not to much going on in the R house hold right now. Well there is but cant talk about that right now.  I am just so tired.  We had a career fair about two weeks ago and I just filled out the one online application I was telling you all about just now.  I took the assessment test and hopefully they will call me back soon. I feel I did well with it but you just never know.  I hate when they judge someone on a test.  Its stupid really. 

Jeff is sort of working in his field also.  He is working at home, parttime for a place called Cyber Works. They make custommized computers and fix old ones.  Well he got his first job with them by having to fix and ACER monitor. All that was wrong with it was it had a dirty plug. LOL.. They were going to throw it out and get rid of it. Jeff fixed it in like ten minutes. 

But the manager over there has some more work for him.  so lets see where this leads us.  We still have roommates and one maybe leaving us soon with us kicking him out.  Just stuff that I cant discuss but you can use your imaginations..

I feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. I know I am bouncing here but I am having a hard time keeping my thoughts straight today. Esp with walking off the job and trying to figure out where to go next. 

We have some good news too. We got the car insured about two weeks ago and found out we can chase the lady that hit me back in November and get money from her for our car even if we didnt have insurance. So we are working on that as we speak.  We are going to put anything we get  towards the car. Its a bill that has to be paid sometime or put it in the bankruptcy if that is what we have to deal with. I dont know whats going on exactly.  I just know I need to get back to working and into something that wont be like the BITCH!!.

She could whip out her cell phone and start texting or answer her phone but mine has went off several times and she tells me if mine goes off again she is going to confiscate it.  She said alot of things to just me. I am done with that place.

Anyway I have to get going. Talk to you all later. Will try and make rounds later this evening before homework. Miss you all loads.. Some still visit regularly and some have diappeared to Facebook..


  1. Sounds like your boss targeted you. That sucks. Good luck with school and finding another job. Sounds like hubby is in the right job.

  2. sounds as if things are picking up tho, slowly but surely.
    and don't forget about using small claims court if the accident was not your fault.

    keep up the good work at school too. :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear she treated you like that. I hope something comes back quickly for you!

  4. When I retired from the navy, I became a mail man, this temp job of three months ended a week before Christmas when I was put on a new round sorting the names of streets in the letter pigeon holes. About halfway sorting I was an hour late, then this scrawny loudmouth boss kept badgering me to "Hurry", I then Tipped all those sorted onto the floor and shoved my cap into his face and left. That afternoon i found another job much easier and paid much more. Couple of weeks later scrawny was bad mouthing me in the pub with his mates, I was banned from the pub after I punched him out. I felt real good.