Monday, January 16, 2012

Posting from School.

Hiya peeps..  I am posting from school tonight. I have some good news. I have two A's and one B so far and Jeff has all Three A's..  I would have had three A's too but I forgot to hand in an assignment.. But he gave me credit for it anyway. Hopefully at least..I am struggling with math but doing my best and actually getting an A in the math class/critical thinking..

We have lots going on at home. The girls are learning how to use the computer. Kora was asking me questions i couldnt answer the other night so I brought up google and told her to google her stuff and write down her answers. 

I side stepped something today and my foot i broke a few years ago really hurts tonight.  I dont know what I did exactly but it seems lately I am  constantly hurting myself. 

For class tonight we had to do a self portrait. I dont mean with a photo of me. I mean with things about me.  My life in general. 

I wont bore you with what I wrote because I cant get my art things in here with what I wrote. Unless some one knows how to put links to homework in here.  but its done. 

Ok peeps I have to get going. I will write more later. I will try and make rounds on Wednesday when we dont have class.

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  1. Congrats on both you and your hubby's successes at school! Are you enjoying it?