Friday, January 20, 2012

Never Posting from School again..

Hiya there. I cant comment on my own blog since posting from school..  Hopefully this will work..  I am liking school. We arent into the heavy parts of school yet. We have just the shit courses this quarter as I call them.  We have a math/problem solving course, one of our main courses called Structure and Computer Logic I believe and one course just because.  The last one is teaching us how to start our portfolio's.  This last Monday we had to start our portfolio's.  We had to put together the first page.  Not so bad.  Just what we are like and what we like doing. 

We had a midterm on Tuesday in that class and I bombed the shit out of it.. He does a great job but he wanted us to do our lab first. I wanted to take the test first. I felt rushed taking the test the way he wanted us to do them.  But we had the choice of using the book the first time or no book and then fixing the wrong problems with the book almost like a second test.  He told me that if I keep up the good work I will pass his class. I will have to pass the final and keep coming to  class and doing my homework. He said he likes the way I do my home work.

My mother is being a bitch again. I havent talked to her in two weeks. She asked me to sell something on Ebay about two to three years ago for her. Well I couldnt sell the items. She got her ring back but some where in the process I lost her diamonds.  The diamonds were really tiny in a baggie. and I lost the baggie some where.  My mom told me not to worry about them. Well two weeks ago she calls me and tells me I need to find them.  She had forgotten I had lost them and put them on Ebay herself and sold them. She threatened me that if I didnt find them she was going to charge me for them.

She got a suprise of her life. I looked for thme but i have no clue where they are. but anyway I e-mailed her back telling her there was no way I was going to pay her for her FUCK UP!! and  then also told her she had to reimburse the people for the diamonds.  No way am I paying  her, for her mess up.  I love my mom in my own ways but I have my limits.

I am just trying to keep my head above water lately.  Jeff has a prospective job in his field hes going to school  for.  He just needs to get his butt going and go see the Career Service peoples. 

Kora turned 11 this last week. I cant believe she is 11 already. Where has time went?  Where is my 6 lb 14 oz baby girl I brought home Jan 18th because she was sick.  My b-day is on Wednesday too already. I am not going to reveal how old I am.. HE HE HE HEHE.. 

Well anyway I need to get going and do some home work. Talk to you all soon. Nicole.

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