Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have some photos for you but have to wait...

Hi there. I have some photos on my phone but have to wait because I dont know what Brianca did with the little thing that I put the phone memory card into.. She was using it when she put my ring tone onto my phone for me. I had her help me put Amy Grants "What love is for" on my phone.. Now I know whose phone is ringing when it goes off..LOL.. With four cell phones in the house I was going nuts not knowing whose phone was going off..

Anyway I have some beautiful sunset photo's and some sunrise photo's but have to wait to get them onto the puter in a bits.. I have had more snuggle time with Jeff since I blew up at him.. And I also talked to Brianca about how I felt and she agrees with me on alot of things.. She gets uncomfortable when he wants her to snuggle all the time so she has started to go to her room instead.. finding something else to do.

I miss visisting you all as much as I was.. I have been busy. I have 10 rows left my afghan with our names and the hearts in it..  Was hoping to get a few more rows of that done with weekend...I dont know yet. Next weekend i am not going to have much time to get anything done..  Briancas boyfriend from Appleton is coming up and hes bringing his 17 month old daughter with him..  So that means the whole house to be clean and free of things she can put in her mouth.. 

Kora might get her first taste of what babysitting is like.. Going to let her take care of her for a few times..  She has never handled a baby but there are five adults in the house to help her.. Its not l ike we are leaving  and just letting kora take care of her.. 

I popped my knee out of place last week some how and when it popped back in it hurt and its been stiff since then. We have played raquetball quite a bit since getting our membership back.. I miss playing. I want to take the girls swimming. I just might check here shortly and see if they have any open swimming today.. Just to get out with the girls by ourselves. I dont spend as much time with the girls as I want to..

Anyway lots going on here but the girls are hungry.. Talk soon..  I will try and find that memory card thing for my phone..  I wont post the pix today but in my next post..

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things have changed since my TEMPER TAN TRUM

Hi all. things have changed here since i blew up at Jeff and Brianca.. They no longer snuggle up on the couch when her baby side shows up. she keeps her distance..  I have let them both know how I feel.. I am so proud of myself.. 

Ty has been really nice..  I like having them here but its hard living with two other adults in your home sometimes...  there is always a but isnt there in any case like this..  Anyway I dont have much time to write this post.. 

Jeff has been having really bad nightmares.. We went to bed at the same time last night and it took him until almost 11 to get to sleep.. He turned and tossed and it was horrible..  I have never seen him get like this.. He just couldnt get comfortable. He was sore and achy.. I finally got up and got him some kool aide with three aspirins.. 

So I am going to be dead on my feet today... Jeff got a ride to work this morning so I can type behind his back.. HEHE!!!!LOL

Ok I have to get moving to work. Talk to you all later..  Will try and make rounds in a bit..

Friday, September 16, 2011

I am a BITCH OF A WIFE....

HI there my friends. I dont have much time again.. I have to go to work here in a few minutes but wanted to say hi.. I am a bitch of a wife.. I have said somethings in the last 24 hours that could result in Jeff leaving me.. I dont blame him or anyone in my house that might hate me..  I have been jealous and its not easy to admit.. I miss my husband in many more ways than a person can imagine.. 

I get jealous and then my mouth starts wagging and then we fight..  I hate fighting with my best friend. He is my best friend. My only friend here.. I know you ask about Brianca and Tyler but they are on the outside of what is going on here.. Actually I got jealous because of Brianca last night..  I have told two people in blogland what is going on and its not easy for me to talk about it further..

I dont want to go to work today. I dont feel good.. I feel ill but I dont want to be at home either. I am cold and just feel like I am going to lose my cookies.  I hope that feeling goes away soon..  Its one of those jobs that if you are there you are staying there.. 

I dont want to lose my husband and I have been trying to keep my mouth shut lately. its hard.  Its really really hard on me. I know when Brianca wants to spend time with Jeff she isnt in adult mode.. She is what you call an AB (adult Baby)...  She needs snugglings and taking care of...  And that is why she came back to stay with us.. She wanted to get away from her boyfriend and come back to stay with us.. She missed us and wanted us to take care of her and I have spoiled that with my jealousy...

I will never be a professional basketball player.. I was trying to slam dunk a can into the trash can last night and missed it. I was standing right next to the trash can.. LOL.. Not even two feet away and I missed it.. Yikes..  Ok peeps I have to get going here shortly..  I will be back later on to make rounds. Something I havent done in a while... I will try to have some photo's up. I have some photo's on my phone but need to figure out how to get them off my phone onto the computer..  I dont have the phone adapter this time.. So I am off to work I go.. Talk to you all later. .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dont Have much time

Hi there.. I dont have much time. I promised the girls I would spend sometime with them.. I havent spent much time with them since we got house mates..  I have been busy lately..  things going on here I cant blog about more less wont blog about.. 

Yes there is a packer game tonight..  LOL..  Jeff and I are going to get our membership back at the YMCA hopefully tonight. I miss playing raquetball.  I miss telling you peeps about how funny we looked..  Other things going on here..

I wont be having any more photos to share for a while either.. My camera took a dump on me finally and I would love  a new one but cant afford one. My phone takes photo's but they come out blurry..  Brianca fixed the resolution last night but they still come out blurry.

Jeff bought us a new bedroom set. We are making payments on it.. Its beautiful. I wish I could show you what it looks like.. But I have no camera..My middle finger is swollen and it cracks every so often. I think I jammed it somewhere.. But not sure..  but anyway I am off to spend sometime with my girls.. I will have more  to post on later hopefully.. N..

Friday, September 2, 2011

Upating blog from Briancas laptop..

Hey all..  now has more time to chats. i can updates even if Jeff is on puter now.. Yayy me,,  update on phone its was shot. i had to get new one.. but phone number is the same for those that have number,  i am so sleepy today.  sorry for the wrong punctuation. anyway going to go play games with jeff and brianca if she wants to..  just thought i would drop a line for you all.