Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lets Guess WHO Today!!!

They were scanned in this morning so if they are too small to see i can hopefully adjust them but just guess who. Life is going ok here. I have today off and I have some stuff to do. But first of all I am going to lay down for a couple of hours and get some much needed rest. Hopefully I can sleep tonight if I do just this by laying down. but I am about ready to fall asleep at the desk.Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.


  1. Your comment made me laugh! I don't add that much to my Coolness blog, Joey's Pad is my main blog and I write there quite often. :D

  2. I think that is you!!

    I hope you got a good rest!!!

  3. I am constantly tired but keep going somehow, there is always something which still needs to be done. we rarely finish our goals, time runs out eventually and someone else takes up the challenge you never had enough time to complete.
    Nice Pics.