Monday, March 18, 2013

Break Was TOO Short.

Hi all.I start my classes back up tonight. The break between quarters was way to short.  We were suppose to get a week off between but last week we had to go make up some lost time.  This quarter I have Professional Communications, Group Theory and Email and Web Services. But this last class they are doing online.  I am nervous about that one. But I will do fine. I struggled through Comp one online so I can do it again.

Jeff and I didnt do much this week. He had this last week off for vacation but with my work schedule we didnt do a thing really until yesterday. We went to our Wild Life Sanctuary and walked around and saw the animals. I got a good photo of the Wolf they have finally. She came right up to the fence.  She has never been that close to the fence before.

Jeff and I all dressed up on tuesday for no reason.

aww sisterly love.. 

me feeding the poor hungry duckies and geese.

take a close look at this one. You may miss them. they are my favorites at the Sanctuary.

Jeff being himself and letting me take photo's of him. Not usually a thing he does.

this is the baby that they just got back this last summer. he/she  has grown.  beautiful animal.

aww yes this one..  doesnt the bob cat look harmless up in that tree.

the wolf I have never gotten a good photo of until yesterday. 
I miss blogging so much. I miss all of you but it seems no one is blogging anymore. I have been on here since November of 2006 and it seems everyone of my friends have left but a few. Its hard to make new ones. I dont know who to talk to anymore with new friends.  Alot of you have went to Facebook instead of blogging. I have my FB account but I dont use it that often.  Anyway talk to you all soon.


  1. What great photos! Looks like it was a lot of fun. Time sure does fly.

  2. It does seem as if many people have left blogging for one reason or another---And so very many have gone to Facebook....Well, I guess that is the way life goes....
    Lovely photos.....The Wolf is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Great pix! Yeah, I'm not blogging as much. Not sure why. Not really FBing either. Just busy living life and not writing as much. Hang in there.

  4. I don't have Facebook or Twitter but yes the blogging world is getting quieter and quieter. It's sad but true. And the problem is the quieter it gets the less one feels inspired to write.

    Maybe things will change again. Nice to see a photo of you and Jeff. :)

  5. Hi Tweety You can give me a call, I promise to be nice.

  6. Tweety: The problem is, people have discovered life after blogging.
    Even blogging stalwarts rarely go beyond seven years of blogging, but us die hards stick to our guns (so to speak).
    You have a great blog - try going further by leap frogging blog to blog until you find persons unknown to you and start afresh, good luck.

  7. TWEETY: Thank you for your comment on my blog, life is too short to be dissident to others, it was a pleasant surprise hearing from you. KEEP CALLING.