Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our memorial Day Weekend.

Hi everyone..We had an ok Memorial Day Weekend.  It started off hot and humid.. Icky but hey its almost June what do you expect. I have some awsome pix of the girls and some more pix of Brianca.  

Here are the fireworks pix that we took Sunday night.  They have the celebrate Depere we usually go to every year but this year we spent it outside with the family and Brianca and Doc.  The last photo on the top half here is Jeff,  in the black shorts, kora , Brianna Brianca and Doc standing in the white shirt. The video for the fireworks is only 11 seconds long. I had to many pix on my memory card to take more than that. So when I came home the other night I deleted the ones that I didnt want on it anymore and kept a few to make copies for others when I get some more money. That is the story of my life right now.

Anyway I hope everyone had a great weekend and spent it with people they love and enjoy being with.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Mother's Day and other stuff...

My day started out thinking I wasnt going to get anything this year for mothers day. I hinted all day long to be honest. I wanted something nice but with me not working yet its hard.  Well in the mean time Brianca went to work and Jeff and Doc (brianca's boyfriend) were talking in codes.. LOL.  I knew something was up at that point..  

Well OK they gagged and bound me till they got me down stairs and then let me loose... HEHE  Not really but its a good joke to say.  They took me down stairs since Tyler isnt here anymore and we have our family room together again. I did homework and got most of my study guide done for Saturdays class.  

So I spent a few hours down stairs and Brianca came home from work and they made me dinner and then I got a home made card from each of the girls.  Brianna  made me a necklace  but we have to find something to put on it and Kora just made me a card and Brianca gave me a store bought card with some chocolates I had been hinting for, almost a month since seeing them. 

Then we sat and watched most of The Jazz Singer (Neil Diamond) and ate dinner and spent time as a family. then Jeff and I had math to do. Icky I can say that word again. Just Icky was this particular assignment. Jeff and I screwed it up pretty bad. We found out how bad we screwed it up last night when got to class and started going over it.  I have a C+ in math right now but after that assignment and quiz last night I am not so sure I have a passing grade anymore.  I am nervous about the final.  

I am studying little bits on Mondays class. He has given us hints on where to study through out the quarter to get the final down for that one and on Saturdays class he gave us a Study Guide. I am going to miss my Mondays and Saturdays teacher next quarter. I also found out that I will have math next quarter.  Just dont know what day yet.  

I cant wait to see what I have for classes next quarter. I am excited about learning yet even though I failed  one assignment and one quiz well ok two quizzes this quarter but if I pass this weeks assignment and quiz I will be ok and then the final the week after that I will do ok.  We were working on math problem where you have something like 2x+3y=10 and x+3y=4 and then either had to substitute or get elimination or graphing them.  These were so much easier than last weeks problems.  Or they seem to be..  

But learning about windows and severs is fun also.  I had to have a couple of the guys give me some information on how to get my server to talk to my window application on Monday last night.  We were having a horrible time getting them to talk to each other. 

Jeff is doing well also in school.  He struggled last week with his electronics class but he is doing well otherwise. 

The girls are just finishing up on there home work books for home schooling and then they will just get to start there summer time.  They are working on some stuff that his mom gave them a couple of years ago for x-mas.  They are painting away today.

They made sun catchers to put in grandmas mother day cards.  I sent them out on Monday. I was late but late is better than never.  I am never on time when it comes down to sending out cards.  

OK OK peeps i have run out of things to say. I know I used to have super long posts but lately there are only a handful of you that still read this blog and comment and its hard to keep going sometimes. My demeanor of finding new friends has went down hill to be honest with you.  I love having friends but I like the ones I have.  

I will try and get to everyone sometime over the next few days. Talk soon OK.. Miss you all..

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Moms Day on Sunday

Happy Mothers Day to all my mom Friends out there. Even the Step moms out there..  Hope you are spoiled rotten by your loved ones.  I don't know if I will be or not but hopefully some what.  I will have some new photo's up for you this weekend hopefully. the girls got  a suncatcher from a friend of our and they will be working on them later today to get them done by tomorrow.  I bought one today to see how well the paint will stick and its really light.  So hoping the girls will listen when it comes time to do them.

We got the pastel colors because mom here didnt like the darker colors. but i think we should have gotten the darker ones. But you live and learn.

Oh yes update on roommate status.. One room mate has moved out. Well he kind of got kicked out and then told he had two weeks to find a place but came back the other night and picked up his stuff and left.  It was Tyler.  He wasnt taking care of the room and he wasnt giving us rent so Jeff said he had two weeks and out the door he went and came back about five hours later and got his shit and left. I feel bad but he was a slob and it was making my whole house stink. He was staying down stairs but still you could smell it up here.

Jeff and I helped him out loads and by helping us he got the room all stinky and then he was stealing from us also.  He was taking my change out of my change jug. I know you think that isnt alot of money but five dollars here and five dollars there is alot of money.  Its ten dollars we could have had to ourselves if we wanted to go out and do something together.   I wasnt able to keep my soda in the fridge. he would drink it all before i got a chance to drink any of it so I was either drinking warm soda or having to use ice cubes all the time.

Anyway that is what is going on here. Oh yes one more thing. Jeff and I are in the National Honor Society at school and the person running the show right now until we get a president and vice president and such liked my craft fair idea.  Its to help the school get things we need for the new students. Like I got a 200 dollar portable hard drive this quarter to put all my things for networking on there. Like my windows 7, my server 2008 and then next quarter there will be more stuff we add to them. then when we are done with school I will erase all of that and clean out our computer and put my photo's on there as a back up just incase the  puter goes down on me.

Life is so hectic right now.  I want to cry sometimes.  But I am ok otherwise. I need to get going. I will try and post photo's of those sun catchers tomorrow or Sunday. Again HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MY FRIENDS.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MY newest items on Zibbet.com

These are my newest items I made and put on my Zibbet page.  I haven't been working with Etsy alot lately. Zibbet is free to list and free if you keep it to 50 listings. I haven't made any sales there yet but hoping maybe soon I will. I am looking at doing something here soon and changing my tactics a bit. From bigger items down to smaller items. Maybe just headbands, book makers, x-mas ornaments, and such. I haven't made a decision yet on that one. I don't have much time to crochet anyway yet even though I am learning to balance my time since I am no longer working right now. 

I found this page on our Student Portal for school and I haven been working on my typing skills. I have gotten up to 54 wpm (words per minute).  I am trying to teach myself some stuff while I learn at school also. Anyway I need to go find some brunch. Hope you enjoy the photo's. if you are interested in any of my stuff I post here and don't want to sign up for my shops to buy get a hold of me via e-mail and I can let you know what i want for these items. I also have a hat and mittens I forgot to list. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still Looking for Work

Morning all. Its morning here at least.. Its early and I am sitting here waiting to make a phone call while listening to The Wizard of Oz while the girls eat breakfast and watch the movie.  I have had several job offers in the last week. I tried one of them but it was house keeping and the hours got in the way of school. I had to pick Jeff up Friday and get him to the school early and  I was late and then he didn't get his lab done for class and we ended up bickering because of it. So I had to tell the temp agency I couldn't do that job because I didn't know when I would be done and I need to be done by a certain time. I have a job offer now I am sitting here waiting for also. Otherwise I would be sleeping again.. HE HE...

I am enjoying my time with the girls but I need to get back to work soon.  I need money also and I am not selling anything on my sites.  I have considered just giving up on both of them. I have some more stuff coming out but its the point of taking the photo's and having people tell me my photo's suck every time I turn around. I do what I can do and if they don't like it tough. but that isn't a good business way of thinking. I made a hat I have been trying to recreate for a long time and I gave it to Bri when I finished it the other day. I can take photo's of it and show it here but its not even on the back side. Lets just say she looks like a flower when she puts the hat on.

Always lots going on. I am getting one A, B+, and a B.  My A is in my Saturday class, My B+ is my Monday class with Windows 7. And my B is in my worst subject Math.  I am hoping we can get my College Math 2 out of the way this quarter where I don't have to worry about it. I don't want to go a quarter and then have to take Math again. I want to get it out of the way but we don't pick and choose when we want to take things. The school does that for us. That is what I like about ITT-Tech.  Its a good school I think.  I have had people tell me how awful it is. but you know what that is for those people who start and then quit and don't put anything into there education really. Would it be any different if it was the States University?? I mean my Saturday class started out with like 15 people now there are only 9 of us.  And several of those 15 people had taken this class before and failed it because they never showed up in the first place. Well how do you expect to pass a class when you don't show up in the first place?

The girls are growing like weeds.  I just cant believe how fast they are changing. I showed the girls a video that the hospital here took of Kora when she was one day old yesterday.  She was so tiny.  she was hooked up to all the monitors because she was in the NICU her first week. They were trying to get her to cry and she just layed there in her little crib and slept away. But you think she was that good when we brought her home.. Yeah right. That's all she did when we brought her home was cry.  Its like I would have rather had her cry all the time in the hospital.  but she grew out of it about 4 months old. the Dr wouldn't admit that she was border line colicky.  She didn't cry night and day so he couldn't say she was colicky.

We are waiting for Tyler to move out finally.  He is slow moving  but trying to save his money. We all want him gone. Its been a rough rode. I have to be honest I want everyone out but at least Brianca and boyfriend help around the house. they both help with the girls while we are at school and make dinner and such.

We took Jeff back to the Dermatologist yesterday and he gave us some more creams for his legs and such. Jeff has psoriasis on 30% of his body now. And we also got this spray stuff to put on in the mornings.  But the cream he gave us with out insurance would cost us $1,000 a tube.  Yes I said ONE THOUSAND dollars.  That is what the pharmacist told us yesterday before we left Walgreen's.  But with his insurance it only cost us about 83 dollars.

I am so tired but waiting to make my phone call and then I will lay back down for a bits and then get up and get ready for school. I cant wait to get back into the working field. I have been told twice this last month that I will make a good Networking Systems Administrator.  By two different people.  My Monday and Saturday teacher thinks I have the drive for the job and the head IT person at the school wanted to hire me as a student worker because he thought I would do a great job in learning the job. Not just putting the computers up and such but learning the job. Jeff even said i am doing well with learning. I have found myself a tutor in directly when I am struggling with my Windows class. He is in my class too so we work on our home work together on Fridays in the library while Jeff is in class.

I know I am rambling again and I am sorry but I get so excited talking about school yet to this day. I am glad I went back when  I did.  It feels like its too late sometimes but we will manage. I dread to see us paying off these loans we have to take out each quarter but in the end it will worth every penny.  Well I suppose I better get going. I will let everyone know about the job possibility's later today.  Have a great day my friends. Miss those of you who dont blog much anymore.