Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Moms Day on Sunday

Happy Mothers Day to all my mom Friends out there. Even the Step moms out there..  Hope you are spoiled rotten by your loved ones.  I don't know if I will be or not but hopefully some what.  I will have some new photo's up for you this weekend hopefully. the girls got  a suncatcher from a friend of our and they will be working on them later today to get them done by tomorrow.  I bought one today to see how well the paint will stick and its really light.  So hoping the girls will listen when it comes time to do them.

We got the pastel colors because mom here didnt like the darker colors. but i think we should have gotten the darker ones. But you live and learn.

Oh yes update on roommate status.. One room mate has moved out. Well he kind of got kicked out and then told he had two weeks to find a place but came back the other night and picked up his stuff and left.  It was Tyler.  He wasnt taking care of the room and he wasnt giving us rent so Jeff said he had two weeks and out the door he went and came back about five hours later and got his shit and left. I feel bad but he was a slob and it was making my whole house stink. He was staying down stairs but still you could smell it up here.

Jeff and I helped him out loads and by helping us he got the room all stinky and then he was stealing from us also.  He was taking my change out of my change jug. I know you think that isnt alot of money but five dollars here and five dollars there is alot of money.  Its ten dollars we could have had to ourselves if we wanted to go out and do something together.   I wasnt able to keep my soda in the fridge. he would drink it all before i got a chance to drink any of it so I was either drinking warm soda or having to use ice cubes all the time.

Anyway that is what is going on here. Oh yes one more thing. Jeff and I are in the National Honor Society at school and the person running the show right now until we get a president and vice president and such liked my craft fair idea.  Its to help the school get things we need for the new students. Like I got a 200 dollar portable hard drive this quarter to put all my things for networking on there. Like my windows 7, my server 2008 and then next quarter there will be more stuff we add to them. then when we are done with school I will erase all of that and clean out our computer and put my photo's on there as a back up just incase the  puter goes down on me.

Life is so hectic right now.  I want to cry sometimes.  But I am ok otherwise. I need to get going. I will try and post photo's of those sun catchers tomorrow or Sunday. Again HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MY FRIENDS.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Sounds like it's much better that you got rid of the guy - don't feel bad - if he was free-loading and not keeping himself or his things clean - you don't need that in your house. Good riddance!