Friday, November 11, 2011

Lost in Life

Hi peeps.. I am lost right now.  I mean I am here I know when I am but my life is lost in general..  Lets start at the beginning. I got this great new job I really enjoyed back in July. Lets not get off the beaten path. I still enjoy it..  But I bragged about it and told you all what I do.  Well my 30 day review came and went and i didnt do as good as she wanted me to. So she gave me till my 90 day review came. This did a bit better but not as good as she wanted either..  So she put me on whats called a work improvement plan..  Just things I have to work on to keep my job. They keep you employed by points.. yes you read that right. POINTS..  They give you ten POINTS per year.  I was suppose to have gotten a 27 Points on my review which equals out to 77% in there weird ass ways..

Well I didnt get that with my 90 day review. I got a 25 points and a 68%.   yes I see that as being sick. But that is how this company works.. I also supposedly rolled my eyes at D a month ago.. She said that was insubodination.. And then a girl i work with were talking and D reprimanded this girl. I got yelled at because D thought I was laughing at this girl.. NO I WAS NOT!!! I was laughing at something she had said but D walked past at this precise moment.. 

There have been other times I have been yelled at and just wanted to walk off the job but wont because I need the money right now. The job itself isnt hard but you have to focus on the dispenser and make sure you hear and see everything..It seems lately I cant do a damned thing right..  I cried on my way home today. I blasted the cd that was in and I cried.

Its Friday November 11th,2011 and I could be jobless on Monday.  I asked her where I was going and what she was going to do with me. she said she had to hear back from the HR before she decided so I have to go in on Monday and see if she is letting me go.  I cant believe this. I wanted to know today what the hell was going on with my job.  I dont want to wonder and have to get up Monday morning and find out I have no job.. 

I do have a back up plan and hope they have work some where for me.  I dont care if its out of town right now. I need the money. I am going to go back to the Temp service I was working for back in June.  They have always had something for me.  I was appreciated through them.. But this job at WPI is insane.

I am so flustered today..  I dont know how to tell Jeff. I might just wait till Monday and find out whats going on. She might have more work on Monday for us but I dont know yet. She was suppose to get another soap dispenser in and some more what we call P17's for the time being. They dont have a name yet. they are still in the making faze. they arent production yet.  they want them in production soon  but still some bugs to work out.

We are suppose to be getting some more utensils in too but havent heard a word about those yet.. But if I lose this job I am so lost in life.  I found the job from a friend and then i get hired on directly and then they pull this shit on me.  I just dont get it. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Been MIA.. Sorry my friends..

Hi there. I have been MIA (missing in Action) or more on here.. I have been busy trying to get an order done for a friend of mine. All of you know him.. Zombislayer.. His wife ordered six fall colored placemats and four hotpads and six more bookmarkers from me.. 

Also my mother in law kind of showed me how to make crocheted octopusses.  She just told me how to make them and I did them on my own but they turned out really cute.. I am using Ty's camera for listing my items in my shop.. I havent taken any photo's of the girls as of  yet..

I got my furry baby sick..  She is itchy in the neck so I called the vet and the receptionist told me to give her some benadryl but didnt tell me to use childrens  benadryl.  she just said human benadryl.. So I went and got some and gave her half a tablet and she got really sick. So I called the vet back that night on Thursday and left a message.. 

Well they called back but the only problem with that is, is that brianna answered the phone.. She was making appts for the cat..  So I had to do animal control when mom got home from work on Friday..  Yikes.. But they straightened everythign out and we have her on childrens benadryl for three days..  She still foams at the mouth because she gags on it.. I have considered watering it down once and see what happens to her. But the vet thinks she has come down with an allergy.  I dont want to bring her in quite yet so I am trying home remedies first.  With her gagging she isnt getting sick she just gags on it at first..

Here is what I have been up to the last few weeks..  If any of you would like your own little item let me know via e-mail. I do ship internationally.. I will hopefully have my other items up and running in a bit. I have four more bookmarkers to make. They go for eight dollars a piece and are great because they are washable. If you spill something on them you can just pop them in the washer and dryer instead of throwing them out like most bookmarkers.. The octopusses are all crocheted including there eyes if you want one for a new baby coming along.. I can make them either pinks and blues or one of each color.. Or just your choice of colors.. My holiday place mats are the red, white and green. I am working on getting a set of four in an oval shape.. For me a little harder said than done.. but working on it. 

Ok peeps this is it for now. enjoy and I will try and make rounds later on..  Nicole.