Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another Year Has Passed Me By!!!!

Hi All. I have been missing again. I am sorry I have been so dang busy with life. I miss all my friends I have made on here.  I still don't think as many people blog anymore as when i first started.  But I have graduated from college. Working on my Bachelors Degree. i was going for Cyber Security but decided to change my Majors by going into Project Management instead.  I was suppose to have started classes Monday but two  people dropped out of the classes and now we have to either wait a week to see if they can replace those two people or then we have to wait a quarter to see if we can get two new people in next quarter. Life has taken a toll on us.

You all know we were losing our old house. Well I went to get our shovels and one small box of books I had left in the basement. but one small problem with that. they finally locked us out. they had new locks and the door had one of those key code things on it.  Oh well. I am just happy to be done with it.  I don't even miss it. So much more work there than in the new home.  I am enjoying my new home. I have a fire place in my living room that we use quite frequently.

the girls are growing like weeds. I haven't taken any updated photos in a while. I need to do that for you all. I am still trying to sell my crocheting on Zibbet.  I haven't made a sale yet this year. Wish I could. I need the money right now.  Always.. We have hit a hard spot. Jeff is no longer at Pomp's Tire and hasn't been since September. He got hired by a temp agency in what we thought was his field of study but found out about three weeks ago that they didn't like what he was doing. Well in the first place he wasn't being trained in the job that they offered him.  Plus it wasn't in his field of study.  But he has had a job offer with another company that he is suppose to start with this week..

X-mas is going to light this year if the girls even get one.  Not sure what we are going to do about it. Jeff got a new job and not sure when he starts.  He got let go from his last new job. He thought he was doing so well but they didnt train him to do the job so they let him go saying he wasnt doing the quality work.  WELL DUHH!!  Anyway things are ok here..  OK I need to get going. i promise updated photo's soon.. Will post more soon. Nik.


  1. Hi Tweety ; It is pleasing to hear you are recovering from your recent downturn in your lives, it is the difficult periods which cement family relations and it would seem you are pulling together and succeeding, Never ever give up.You can draw from the heart of suffering the means of inspiration and survival.
    Hoping your Family will enjoy a wonderful Christmas and enjoy better prospects in the New Year. love you all
    Thank you for your comment

  2. Happy New Year Nicole! I hope 2014 will be a better year for your family.

  3. Happy new year my dear I hope this year brings you better things to come. Good luck with the jobs.