Wednesday, September 16, 2015

EEEKS School has begun and Its almost halloween...

I am not sure where this summer  has gone again.. But I have been at my job at WalMart since May 5,2015 and we were just selling summer stuff and kids getting ready for summer. Now they are back in school and we are selling Halloween costumes.. I cant believe it.

The girls got to go to a JJ Heller concert if any one knows who she is.  They even got to meet her. they have pics but they are on my camera yet. I havent uploaded them  to the computer yet. just been lazy lately. We did laundry and mowed the lawn yesterday and then cleaned out one of my cabinets.  A neighbor lady gave me some onions back this last winter. Forgot about them and they rotted pretty good. took some bleach and pinesol to it.  It seems 100% better in here.  She gave us lots of stuff that I didnt eat and we have tossed because of expiration dates. If its past the date I wont eat it.

Life in the R house hold is busy lately.  I have been crocheting some. I just finished some dish cloths and I have made some more scrunchies.  I am still working on an afghan for the back of the couch. Its just multi colored from all the little ball of yarn I have laying around and they arent big enough to make anything with.  I havent worked on that all summer. Too hot to have that across my lap.  But otherwise we have all been working on something.  Jeff and I at work and the girls helping around the house.  I cant believe Bri got glasses.  I will have to upload there pics from the concert. She has them on there.

I just realized how much I really don't like oatmeal..  But I almost passed out at work this last week because I didnt eat enough breakfast.  Being a diabetic I have to eat and I didn't have time to eat the other morning and plus no sleep.  I get where once in a while lately I cant sleep at night.  I can sleep ok if I go to bed around midnight but any earlier than that I turn and toss lately.

I know I am rambling again. To answer a friends question in my last post. No I am not with Etsy at this moment. I still havent paid my last etsy bill and I was looking at starting up another one on friday with new information. My bank info in the last one is wrong because they shut my account down because I couldnt pay them. I am hoping if I start a new shop it will go better.  Thinking about keeping it to smaller items this time instead of afghans and everything.

Ok peeps. 45 minutes till I have to be at work. I have to get going. Hope all has a good day and I will be back soon to check on everyone.