Monday, February 17, 2014

from my new phone.

Hey all. Trying to see if its possible to post from my new phone. Jeff got a new job a m di needed a new phone with gps on it. He is traveling for his new job. he is installing security systems for jails and prisons. Good money. We are planning on following him for awhile. I was going to go back for my bachelors degree but decidrd not too. I am having a hard time finding work with my associates degree so I put my bachelors degree on the back burner. 

Jeff and I have dreamed of traveling and now this gives us that chance. We are looking at getting an RV and traveling. We think it will b fun. 

The girls are growing so fast. Kora turned 13 in January. Bri will be ten in June. Can I put a stop button on them and slow them down. 
Before I can add pix from my phone I need to update my something or another.  Ok lets see what happensa with this post. Talk to you all soon.