Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wow its been a While

HI all. Its been a while again. I have been busy with work and school. I have three weeks left of my Associates Degree. Can you believe that?? I am so excited and nervous at the same time.I am having a hard time with finding a job in my field of study though.  I keep looking and I keep hoping really. Jeff has had interviews but with him not graduating till December of 2013 he cant get into many of his positions he has applied for. They require travel and he has to be here for school.  But we are all excited. I promise to post pictures when I am done.I am going back for my Bachelors Degree. Classes start one week before my Associates Degree Graduation.. 

The girls are doing great. They are going to go spend three weeks with grandma in September and come home on my graduation party.  We are doing it at Bay Beach. Our local Amusement Park. Its the last weekend of the year they are open. I wish I could get my videos uploaded to my blog but for some reason they wont let me.  I have some awesome ones to show you guys and also I will have one to show you in about two weeks. 

I am sorry I am bouncy with my posts like usual. they are both enjoying there horse back riding lessons. Kora didn't do so well this last time because she wouldnt kick the horse to get him to listen to her. but other wise they are enjoying themselves. They are learning how smart horses are really. they were asking this one horse questions and he was actually answering them with yes and no answers. It was funny when they told me this last night before I fell asleep on them finally. I have been wore out from my job. 

I have some photos from all over the last few months. I wont post them all in one sitting and I hope not to take three months to make another post. I just havent had the time or energy to do much lately about any of it. But I will  post some here in a minute. We had a party at our house here last weekend. it was fun. A friend of ours and his wife own a Karaoke Business and they brought the system into town to our house. We had lassagna for those that came early and hamburgers and hotdogs for those that showed up later.  We had a few beers and soda and water. They even got me to sing a couple of songs. I dont think I will be doing that again but it was fun while it lasted. 

Enjoy the photos and I will keep you all posted on whats going on here in the next few months. I am graduating September 26th and my graduation party is September 28th.  Its been a long road but I am willing to make it even though it might kill me in the long road. I want this so badly. Take care my friends.
snowie isnt to fond of dogs but this friends female boston terrier likes her.

me and the girls. I have lost 30 pounds since posting pix of me.

our friends system in our living room. it got to cold outside and it started to rain.

me and bunny hunter.  my one eye looks horrible. I had no clue I was allergic to him. I just love how soft he is.

me, brianna and hunter the bunny.

me, hunter the bunny and kora.  isnt he cute. I am allergic to him and didnt know it. my eyes were swollen shut