Thursday, November 15, 2012

Its been almost a year!!!!

I crashed our Chrysler almost a year ago on December 2nd, 2011.  I still  have a hard time taking the highway by my self. Its even harder going by the accident spot.  But I have done it and have spilled tears as I was doing it. I am OK going over when I have someone else in the car with me but when I am by myself its really super duper hard.  I have put this family in hard ship with the accident and I regret it.  

We are still working on getting help for our house.  But if we cant we have decided to file for Bankruptcy. There are two kinds we were advised to consider.  We were told to do either a chapter 13 or a 7.  But after all is said and done we may still have to give up our home.  It hasnt been a pleasant ride at all.  

I have been told by certain people that I am getting a  free ride at school. Its not even the teacher this time. I am getting an education I have no clue how to use.  I am doing my best and trying but no one believes me. It hurts my friends.  With all this said and done I feel worthless and just horrible.  

The girls go to grandmas on Saturday until Thanksgiving Day and then we bring them home. Lots going on. Then the week after thanksgiving we have finals.  Then I have IP Networking, Database Concepts, and Comp 2 all at the school this coming quarter. 

I start my new job on Monday. I will be working at a place called Bellvue assisted living. I will be working the kitchen as an Aide.  Helping get lunch ready and then going out and setting tables, getting coffee, juice and what not to the table.  My favorite temp job has let me down this year. I was working full time up to last week where i only worked 1 DAY and havent been called back since. OH well. It happens. I applied for unemployment also.  I hope I can get that going soon. I forgot to call them on Sunday. Hopefully I didnt mess it up.  Anyway I need to get to my homework.

I will miss those that dont blog to much anymore and I miss those that do blog all the time because i seem not to have much time to comment and visit like I used to.  Hope all is well and if I dont get back before Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving Day my friends for those that celebrate it here in the States. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Very Tired and moving right along!!!

Hiya peeps. We have had lots going on here now in the last few weeks.  Jeff ended up in the hospital for this first two hours of his day last Monday.  His psoriasis kicked in and he scratched ended up with  a bad infection. He took his meds for it and it seems to be OK now.  Then on Tuesday I was leaving the school and the cars back passenger break drum finally snapped.  It was squealing and just horrible. I got up the hill that we have to go up to get to the main road but that is where I stopped.  We spent 479.00 dollars there.  That is where the mess ended for last week.

This Monday we found out that Brianca is two months pregnant. She is due June 28th, 2013.  She thinks she knows everything just because. She is one of those people who thinks they know everything and so does her BF that isnt even divorced from his wife yet.  Life is taking a wide turn.  They have to find a place soon where they can start getting ready for the baby. They need everything. Jeff offered her my crib that I was saving for us or the girls later on. I cant have anymore of my own but i would like to adopt after I get settled after school with a good paying job.

I am in alot of pain from work last night.. they do this one job about once a year and it seems I always get put on it at least once.  they are 72 inch bags for drapery poles.  They are a bitch to work with and alot of bending over the table.  I didnt sleep to well last night. My legs kept cramping up on me and I just cleaned the piss out of my house. Something that I havent had time to do in a long time or for that matter blog about anything. I am so tired.

The girls are going to stay with grandma in two weeks for 13 days.  then we are going to go get them on Thanksgiving Day and bring them home.  I have a p resent going for his mom and Shari but I cant post pix quite yet because Shari reads my blog.  I dont want them seeing x-mas  present before its done.  Those of you who want to see it and have my cell number text me and I will send a text photo.

I was asked to do some of those crocheted dish towel tops for a friend of mine. I have never done them before and hoping I can figure them out. she gave me an old towel to work on one first to see how well it turns out and then she bought two brand new towels she wants done.  So I am busy with school and trying to get mom and shari's present done and now this.  But these towels shouldnt take long after I figure them out. Ok peeps I need to get to some home work and studying before class tonight. I will post pix of the towels when I am done.  Talk soon

Oh before i forget here are some of my newest creations. three packer colored wash cloths, and  really soft hat that feels like its made out of velvet..  the dish cloths i am asking eight dollars for and the hat i am asking 15. three dollars for shipping for both of them.  if anyone is interested in home made x-mas presents or wants a different color just let me know ok.