Monday, October 22, 2012

Lots going on

Hiya all. There has been a ton of stuff going on here in my house since my last big post without the photo's.  I dont even know where to start to be honest.  Well I guess I will start with school. I passed Trig with a C and my Sever class with a B+ and my Physical Networking class with an A. I was so worried about that math class. I bombed the final but still walked out of the class with a C.  I am proud of myself.  This quarter I have Linux, intro to programming and Composition which is on line this quarter but I go to the school for the other two classes. Jeff has been a great help with the Programming class. He tinkers with it at home for a hobby.

I am working for the time being as a temp at my favorite place.  I have been there since late July early August.  They just put in my machine again. Well they always had it but they put in the other half of the order they werent going to but its in high demand. The Medela breast pump bags are going hot right now.  I was told the pouches I am working on now for the older version are expensive.  A friend at work, her daughter in law just bought a new pump and she said it cost her about 600 dollars..  That is ridiculous for something you are using only for a small amount of time when you think of it.

We may be moving in six months. We sent out a payment for our house and they rejected it as of 9/25.  They sent us our check back saying it wasnt the amount we owe. They say they want to work with us but they didnt send us the packet we are waiting for the last time they did this.

Hey all. I have some disturbing news. I was seeing if I could do a lab on Tuesday before class.  Well Jeff knows a bit about the lab and he sat at the desk while I did the lab. I got to school and told the teacher that I had it done. He said he would check it over in a bit. Then he let it go.  But Friday night he came into the lab I was in waiting for Jeff to finish his class and was accused of cheating.  I did not cheat on this lab. I did it by myself. the only thing that Jeff  did do was help me put it in real code instead of the fake code we have been working with.

I had to take Jeff to the hospital this morning. His sores are getting so bad that every time he scratches he breaks one open. Well on Friday he broke one open and got some dirt in it and now he has an infection. He is really weak but doing ok and resting for now. His temp kept fluctuating and it scared me. then the nurse gave him some meds through the IV and he passed out on me but before then his eyes rolled up in the back of his head and his whole body went stiff. It scared the hell out of me.

Like I said lots going on. I have more pix of this last weekend. Jeff thought he could make it out for a bit and we took some awsome shots.  We got a great family photo of the four of us.  And then I got some pretty cool shots of just the girls.

look how big Kora is getting compared to us.  She is going to be taller than both of us when things are said and  done.

look at all those fall colors.  it was beautiful out Saturday.

bri and I . I have one of kora and I but i couldnt get it to load..

Monday, October 1, 2012

Here is a post but not the one I wanted to do but its pix of a few weekends ago.  Liam was laying on my yarn but he likes pink so the pink was attracting him to lay there we think.  you can see the pink skein of yarn. Enjoy...