Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yahoo is going haywire..

Hiya peeps. We have yahoo as our main page on our computer here and I cant even read the yahoo news they keep up with there feeds.  There looks like some pretty interesting stories but cant get into them. It keeps saying sending request but the request never comes through.

I know I have been away for a long time and making some of you wonder if I have given up on blogging like many others have. No I am still here. Just been busy with life. And taking care of MY HOUSE...!!! I know its my fault for having peeps live here but I get no help what so ever except for the girls.  Sure someone is always here for them.  I am happy for that at least.

School quarter ends this week. I took my Saturday final for my Saturday final today and I got a C on it from what I understood. I am nervous about the Trig final on Monday. I have bounced up and down with that class so much this quarter and I failed almost all of my quizzes. I am at a steady C right now but afraid to see what is going to happen with the final grade on Monday.  And Tuesday I have my final in Clientle 2 or should I say Server 2008.

Then I go into Linux, comp on on line, and intro programming. Java speak basically.  We learn java. I wish I could have found my camera today. Kora was out mowing the front lawn for me. I thought I killed the mower. I was ready for a break and knew I needed to get more gas for it so Bri and I walked over the gas station and got some. Came home and put some more oil in its compartment and the gas and then the dang thing wouldnt let me pull the string.  So off I go to get Jeff and we tried for half an hour. Then he comes back in the house. He comes back outside five minutes later and says  he forgot to prime it. Well he does that and it starts right back up with a whole bunch of smoke.  Well we let the smoke die down and i did the little bit of the front of the yard to see if it would stay running at least.  It did but I thought I killed our mower today some how.

Life is good here otherwise. Jeff is still working at Pomps Tire but wants out.  He only has two classes this coming quarter. They are screwing him over royally.  His grad date got pushed back to December instead of Sept when they promised us they would graduate us.  We are suppose to have three classes each quarter. That is what we were told. Now they are screwing with him. He needs physics this quarter and not one of the ITT tech schools are doing it not even online.

I got my hair cut today and I splurged on myself. I got some hair care stuff. When my hair starts growing out and getting longer it grows to a certain point and then it starts getting fuzzy. Well I got some curl stuff for my hair. I got 30% off anything in the store today at Master Cuts and I bought this stuff. Just hope it works. You dont need a lot of it from what I am understanding.

History has been made. Neil Armstrong died today. I was trying to read that on yahoo news. but had to look  it up on google instead.  Oh talking about google. We found out in class last Saturday that they are trying to come out with this new product where you pay so much for 7 years and you get free internet. Or you pay so much for six months and get free internet and phone or something like that. Its from google.  I also got see what those new rasberry pies look like too in class today. If you dont know what they are they are awsome. They are a mini computer you can hook up to any thing with a USB port I believe. Like your TV or computer or just a monitor.  its cool.

Ok I am rambling and I am sorry. but its been at least a month since I have written anything at all. Lots to talk about. The girls went and stayed with his mom for two weeks.

Bri calls me and says mommy I want to come home.
me: can you wait till Saturday.
Bri: I guess but I still want to come home.
me: Grandma is going to bring you home Saturday ok?
Bri: ok. miss you mommy.

Its been the first time they were away for two weeks and she hasnt let me out of her site unless she absolutely has to like when I work. I have been working steadily for the last month now but you just never know with temp services and jobs when they are going to get caught up and then let us go. but I am working on getting a second job only 10 hours a week approximately.  its minimum wage but its better than nothing and when they do start letting peeps go from the temp place we have that little bit of income coming in and then i think I can still file for unemployment or partial at least.

Ok I am off to go finish making dinner. Talk to you all soon. Miss you all. Wish I had more time to visit you all like I used to.  Some of you have left me for FB but those of you still here are great to hear from time to time.