Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lets Guess WHO Today!!!

They were scanned in this morning so if they are too small to see i can hopefully adjust them but just guess who. Life is going ok here. I have today off and I have some stuff to do. But first of all I am going to lay down for a couple of hours and get some much needed rest. Hopefully I can sleep tonight if I do just this by laying down. but I am about ready to fall asleep at the desk.Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Break Was TOO Short.

Hi all.I start my classes back up tonight. The break between quarters was way to short.  We were suppose to get a week off between but last week we had to go make up some lost time.  This quarter I have Professional Communications, Group Theory and Email and Web Services. But this last class they are doing online.  I am nervous about that one. But I will do fine. I struggled through Comp one online so I can do it again.

Jeff and I didnt do much this week. He had this last week off for vacation but with my work schedule we didnt do a thing really until yesterday. We went to our Wild Life Sanctuary and walked around and saw the animals. I got a good photo of the Wolf they have finally. She came right up to the fence.  She has never been that close to the fence before.

Jeff and I all dressed up on tuesday for no reason.

aww sisterly love.. 

me feeding the poor hungry duckies and geese.

take a close look at this one. You may miss them. they are my favorites at the Sanctuary.

Jeff being himself and letting me take photo's of him. Not usually a thing he does.

this is the baby that they just got back this last summer. he/she  has grown.  beautiful animal.

aww yes this one..  doesnt the bob cat look harmless up in that tree.

the wolf I have never gotten a good photo of until yesterday. 
I miss blogging so much. I miss all of you but it seems no one is blogging anymore. I have been on here since November of 2006 and it seems everyone of my friends have left but a few. Its hard to make new ones. I dont know who to talk to anymore with new friends.  Alot of you have went to Facebook instead of blogging. I have my FB account but I dont use it that often.  Anyway talk to you all soon.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun Stuff

Hey all. We have given Kora her riding lessons back.  We are working on things here to make life more bearable for all of us. I have a few photo's and a video of Koras riding lesson last Saturday. It wont let me upload my video. Dang it. its only two minutes long but its giving me troubles. I hate when blogger does that. Anyway here are the photo's. Hopefully they will have her riding outside where I can get better pix of her riding. they have a beautiful one named Sophie.  I didnt get a photo of her but I will try next time we go out there.

meet shocker. He likes to run his nose against the electric fence and shock himself.. silly horse.

doesnt she look like a natural sitting top of shocker.  she is doing well  even after her first lesson.