Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another B-day. MINE!!!

Hiya peeps. Its another b-day another year older.  Another tax season has arrived upon us also in the midst.  I miss my camera but cant afford a new one.  Not even when taxes come back.  I miss posting pix of the girls and snowie and such on here. Sometimes just photos were funny to see.  but there will be no photo's until I can either get the adapter for my phone or a new camera. I prefer a new camera to be honest.

School is going good.  My B grade went up to an A grade..  I turned in more homework and got more points given. I bombed the midterm but he said as long as I get my home work turned in and pass the final I should be able to keep my A grade. 

I dont have much to say tonight besides Happy b-day to me, Happy bday to me.  How old is me?? LOL. I will not tell how old me is unless you really want to know.. Some of you may already know. Nicole

Friday, January 20, 2012

Never Posting from School again..

Hiya there. I cant comment on my own blog since posting from school..  Hopefully this will work..  I am liking school. We arent into the heavy parts of school yet. We have just the shit courses this quarter as I call them.  We have a math/problem solving course, one of our main courses called Structure and Computer Logic I believe and one course just because.  The last one is teaching us how to start our portfolio's.  This last Monday we had to start our portfolio's.  We had to put together the first page.  Not so bad.  Just what we are like and what we like doing. 

We had a midterm on Tuesday in that class and I bombed the shit out of it.. He does a great job but he wanted us to do our lab first. I wanted to take the test first. I felt rushed taking the test the way he wanted us to do them.  But we had the choice of using the book the first time or no book and then fixing the wrong problems with the book almost like a second test.  He told me that if I keep up the good work I will pass his class. I will have to pass the final and keep coming to  class and doing my homework. He said he likes the way I do my home work.

My mother is being a bitch again. I havent talked to her in two weeks. She asked me to sell something on Ebay about two to three years ago for her. Well I couldnt sell the items. She got her ring back but some where in the process I lost her diamonds.  The diamonds were really tiny in a baggie. and I lost the baggie some where.  My mom told me not to worry about them. Well two weeks ago she calls me and tells me I need to find them.  She had forgotten I had lost them and put them on Ebay herself and sold them. She threatened me that if I didnt find them she was going to charge me for them.

She got a suprise of her life. I looked for thme but i have no clue where they are. but anyway I e-mailed her back telling her there was no way I was going to pay her for her FUCK UP!! and  then also told her she had to reimburse the people for the diamonds.  No way am I paying  her, for her mess up.  I love my mom in my own ways but I have my limits.

I am just trying to keep my head above water lately.  Jeff has a prospective job in his field hes going to school  for.  He just needs to get his butt going and go see the Career Service peoples. 

Kora turned 11 this last week. I cant believe she is 11 already. Where has time went?  Where is my 6 lb 14 oz baby girl I brought home Jan 18th because she was sick.  My b-day is on Wednesday too already. I am not going to reveal how old I am.. HE HE HE HEHE.. 

Well anyway I need to get going and do some home work. Talk to you all soon. Nicole.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Posting from School.

Hiya peeps..  I am posting from school tonight. I have some good news. I have two A's and one B so far and Jeff has all Three A's..  I would have had three A's too but I forgot to hand in an assignment.. But he gave me credit for it anyway. Hopefully at least..I am struggling with math but doing my best and actually getting an A in the math class/critical thinking..

We have lots going on at home. The girls are learning how to use the computer. Kora was asking me questions i couldnt answer the other night so I brought up google and told her to google her stuff and write down her answers. 

I side stepped something today and my foot i broke a few years ago really hurts tonight.  I dont know what I did exactly but it seems lately I am  constantly hurting myself. 

For class tonight we had to do a self portrait. I dont mean with a photo of me. I mean with things about me.  My life in general. 

I wont bore you with what I wrote because I cant get my art things in here with what I wrote. Unless some one knows how to put links to homework in here.  but its done. 

Ok peeps I have to get going. I will write more later. I will try and make rounds on Wednesday when we dont have class.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bringing in the 2012

Hello peeps.  Bringing in the new year was a blast..  We had some fun and some games and something to eat and drink.. LOL.. Yes most people did that last night.. But we dont drink that often meaning Jeff and I. The other two drink way more often.  But I had 2 1/2 glasses of wine but I drank lots of water and ate lots of crackers with summer sausage as I drank my wine.. Jeff on the other hand.. He had to be helped to bed.. It was funny. I diluted something for the girls and they got colored seven up..  Us  four adults played a card game called nuts. Its solitaire with 2-4 people. you play off each others cards. Its fun.. 

Then today I have been catching up on cleaning.. I got like six loads of laundry done and most of the dishes. Brianca said she would have done the dishes but I was half way through them when she said it.  I felt I needed to do something more around the house since we have a three day weekend.  Jeff and Brianca went to Appleton to get her boyfriend. His car is being fixed and hasnt come back from the shop yet. 

The girls didnt get much of an x-mas this year but what they did get was great for them..  They got a build a bear each from my mom. they each got a Hello Kitty. Bris is pink and she named her Pinky and Koras was white  and she named hers snowflake i believe or something with snow in it..  They each got a small paint by number but you have to mix paint. Not to happy about that one.  but we will manage. They got dollar tree puzzles. they got from Brianca some flavored nail polish, some build your own power balls, make your jewelry, oh some lip stuff. They love watching her put her lip stuff on so she got them some kiddy lip stuff.  they had a decent x-mas just not alot from us. 

I gave my phone a bath. I had it in my pants pocket and told brianna to go look for it last weekend and she came up told me she couldnt find it. I took her at face value and just threw all the clothes in the washer. Well lets just say Jeff isnt to happy with me.. That is an understatement really..  Things happen and its my fault the phone got washed..  It works but I cant text because I cant see the screen really well and I need to take it to the place we bought it from and see if they might have a solution for me.

The girls are getting ready for bed and I am going to sit down and crochet for a while tonight i think. I have gotten caught up on school work, So I deserve to sit back and relax because on Tuesday we start school again.  We dont see our Monday night teacher till next Monday the 9th. So we get back to the grind on Tuesday. Not sure if I am looking forward to it or not now having two weeks off.. I am. I  cant wait. I have been working on understanding Tuesday night class better over the last few weeks. 

We are working on  binary numbers and how computers work and understand those numbers.  Its difficult but I am enjoying the challenge.Never thought I would understand going back to school or finding the time. But we have and found the time to even go out every other week and work alone on home work we dont understand together..Go out for coffee or a soda and then plug numbers in we dont understand together.

ok peeps. I am off to go crochet for a bits. I will try and make rounds tomorrow..  Happy New Year and 2012...